Christian Women's Job Corp

Opportunities to Lend a Hand with the ministry of CWJC

* Teachers/substitute teachers/aids: classes range from 1-2 hours, 1-2 days per week.  Classes include: Bible study, time management, money management, computers, relationships, boundaries, jobs for life, and "Getting Ahead in a Just Getting By World."

* Daily Volunteers: One morning or afternoon per week. Duties include: receptionist, interacting with students, computer work (not required), processing mail, copying, logging donations, receipts, and writing "thank-you" notes.  Helping set up for lunch, working on ministry projects, recording student attendance, and filing and maintaining records.

* Journey Partners (Mentors): once per week at noon (during semester), then after semester, one contact per month.  Pray with student, listen and encourage, assist students with short-term goals during the semester.

* Clothes Closet: 2X per year a seasonal change of clothes occurs.  Summer/winter clothes are stored and winter/summer clothes are displayed.  Under the direction of the Clothes Closet Coordinator, volunteers are needed to help for a few days to accomplish the changeover.

* Provide Meals: Lunch Monday through Friday for 10 weeks.  Options: deliver meal to site; schedule a meal delivery from a local restaurant; provide monetary donation designated for meals.

* Repairs: there are no funds for repairs; volunteers are needed to help: install light bulbs, plumbing repairs, furniture repairs, etc.

* Fundraising help: assist with fundraising project by: operating concession stand; distribute flyers listing fundraisers; participate in the fundraiser (eating at the food trucks on Black Friday, for example).

* Provide clothing and toiletries for the women students of CWJC

* Needs Assessment: every 3 years CWJC is required to provide a community needs assessment to the National office of Women's Missionary Union.  Assistance is needed with interviewing community businesses, churches, and non-profits.  Forms are standard and volunteers are asked to give their time and transportation. Then, assistance is needed to compile records and submit results to the national WMU office.  

* Special Project Assistance: help with mail-outs: Christmas, newsletters, graduation announcements; help is also needed with CWJC Brochure distribution, and manning a CWJC booth for a community event.





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